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The Solar Memory is a Quantum-Optical AtomChip non-volatile RAM (SNvIOpRAM), which uses electricity from a special Solar battery 
to record and read information.  The electricity output, which the Memory chip used from Solar battery is very small.  For instance, 
exposing the Solar battery to sunlight for ten minutes allows the chip to work for twenty-four hours.  Signal for recording and reading
of information are send to the chip by a laser beam and can control the chip from a very big distance.  The Solar Memory is intended
for memorization of an image, which is projected directly onto the chip surface at a distance of up to four inches or trough an independed
optical system  at large distances.  The information can be read using digital electric signals from pinouts or directly from the chip surface.  
The Solar Memory has several designs from 512GB to 10TB per one chip.


2TB Solar Memory
1 - Solar battery
2 -  Display
3 -  Light detector with optical lens for recording information↑
3'-  Light detector with optical lensfor reading information
500GB Solar Memory





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